The back of a router

Has your computer lost your precious family photos or other treasured memories? Or perhaps your computer has crashed and you've lost personal or sensitive data. At My Wire Guy Computer Services, we perform in-store data recovery on your hard drive, from accidental deletion of data to file system corruption. Often, data is assumed to be permanently gone after it has been deleted, this isn't always the case. If you're concerned you may have deleted something important, turn off the PC and call us ASAP! We can often recover recently deleted files, but the faster they're addressed, the more likely it is to recover them.

Once your data has been recovered, we also have various backup solutions to make sure that data loss is no longer a concern! We offer a variety of backup solutions from simple needs to multiple redundant backups that are recommended for any size small or large business.

For more information on how we can help recover data off your hard drive, bring your device into us at our Rocklin location, or call us today at (916) 625-0141.