We are proud to be the best computer repair shop in Rocklin (at least according to our customers!). Read some of our customer testimonials:

John – Rocklin                                    January, 2013

After being told at Best Buy by the ‘Geek Squad’ that I needed a new hard drive I took my expensive Sony Desk computer back to my home in the box and stored it. My wife began to complain about the clutter and asked me to donate some unused things to charity. I decided to get one more opinion before donating this wonderful computer. I went on line and found ‘Mark’ at the My Wire Guy who gave me a quote which was less than half of what I was quoted by the ‘Geek Squad’; a few days later I got a call from Mark saying I didn’t even need a new hard drive.


Lynda – Loomis                                   January, 2013

Mark and his team are very knowledgeable and give good customer service.  Turn around time on your work is good and commitments are met.  They recommend new products and are a good source of info on software and hardware.  They are always friendly and positive and their rates are very competitive.  They were recommended to me by and friend and I have recommended them to other friends and neighbors.


Camille – Roseville                            January, 2013

I love this place! I brought my laptop in when it was running slow and had some glitches and they cleaned it up. When I used it again, it was like a new computer! Ran fast and I was thrilled. Recommended it to my daughter and now am bringing in my desktop for a tune-up!  Very professional and knowledgeable.


Antoinette – Rocklin                        January, 2013

My laptop crashed and when I took it into My Wire Guy they checked it out and found that it would be cheaper to go ahead a buy a new one. (Mine was about 5 yrs old) They recommended 3 for me to check out and gave me great info on each one which helped me make my decision. They installed all the new software, spyware, etc and have kept my system clean from any problems for the last 1 1/2 yrs. Great service, friendly and very helpful. Definitely would recommend them.


Rebecca – Rocklin                             January, 2013

My Wire Guy is an excellent place to bring your computer or laptop. They are honest and very knowledgeable. They always greet you with a smile and they tell you exactly what they can do to help you. I will not go anywhere else!


Tice – Roseville                                  January, 2013

A very positive experience for me.  The services received were prompt, thorough, and well done.  I am continuing to use My Wire Guy services.


Robert – Rocklin                               June, 2012

I left my computer with Mark after a hard drive failure.  Prior to the failure, my computer had been running pretty poorly and I was considering a reformat of the drive but didn’t get a chance to do it.  Fortunately, I saved all of my data prior to the failure.  I took it into Mark and he recommended a solid state drive as well as a Windows 7 upgrade.  It was cheaper than buying a new computer with the same components so I said sure, go for it.

The gist of it is that the computer now boots up faster than my phone!  It used to be the opposite, the phone booted up faster than my computer.  He did an awesome job on my machine and his recommendations were spot on from the hard drive to the anti virus software to backup services.  I’ve been using it for a couple of days and it works really well better than it did new.

The cherry on top of this experience is Mark himself.  The guy, unlike most computer “guru’s” out there, is incredibly personable and friendly.  I’m slightly knowledgeable and instead of ignoring or dismissing that as most of these guys do, he gave me credit for it.  He just knows how to deal with people and that is worth it’s weight in gold and always has been.

If you’re looking for a GOOD, no AWESOME, computer guy in the South Placer or East Sacramento County area, you’ve got to go see Mark.  You will not regret it, I guarantee it!  He is now the go to guy for my entire family and anyone I know looking for computer services.


Karsan – Citrus Heights                   January 2012

Mark is the absolute best wire guy I have had the pleasure to meet.  I have brought him 3 different laptops and every one of them came home “soup-ed up” and ready to go.  I might also add, they came back looking like new.

His prices are very fair and he NEVER tries to sell you something you DO NOT need.  In fact, he goes out of his way to find you a less expensive option if it is available and fits with the way you use your computer.

Mark’s store is a very friendly and casual place.  If you know zip about computers, this THE place to go.  You will never be made to feel like a tech idiot.  I should know, because I am such an idiot.

Mark’s easy approach made me want to learn more, so I will be signing up for the classes he offers.


Brandie – El Dorado Hills                  December, 2011

I trust NO one else with my computer issues. I’ve tried others and they either try to “sell” me on repairs I don’t really need, or can’t fix the issues. Just got a newly refurbished computer from them that is better than any computer I’ve owned brand new. While I’m at work, if something happens I just call him up and he can fix it from his office! I don’t have to go anywhere or do anything! Doesn’t get any better than that.

Thank you my Wire Guy!


Seth – Rocklin                                     December, 2011

Hello my name is Seth. I took Mark at My Wire Guy in Rocklin my very sick PC about a year ago. Mark “did his magic” and now the machine runs like new! Mark your fee was an excellent value and you have saved me hundreds of hours now that I don’t wait on my computer any more. I highly recommended my wire guy to anyone who wants their computer to run trouble free and faster. Thank you Mark your a good man!


Bella – Roseville                                 October, 2011

This was the first time that we had to seek a service for our laptop, but we went straight to Yelp and were pleased to find that the My Wire Guy team had great reviews.

First Impression:

We left a message on a Saturday and received a callback on Monday morning.  We called back later that day and spoke with Mark and had a great experience by phone.

@ the business:

We were greeted by Mark and the environment was clean and professional.  We could tell we were in good hands.  Mark and his team had great attitudes and the whole feel of the place was very genuine.

Diagnosis & Repair:

We use our laptop for our business and Mark got back to us very quickly with a diagnosis and three different options for repairing the malware infection plaguing our laptop.  He was patient and very willing to explain in detail to us (lay people when it comes to computers) all that we needed to understand the three different options and to answer all of our questions.  His prices were very fair and his attitude was wonderful.

Computer pick-up & results:

My Wire Guy had our laptop ready on time as they had promised and Mark walked us through all of the new changes (hard drive wipe-out, ram upgrade, malware/anti-virus upgrade, windows 7 upgrade, etc.)  His pointers and tips were extremely helpful and once again it was a pleasure to be in Mark and his team’s presence- very nice, easy going people.

Our laptop is literally as if we had bought a brand new one today.  We cannot say enough wonderful things about My Wire Guy.  You will truly not regret using them for your computer service needs.  All in all our laptop was really deeply infected and only gone out of our hands for 2 days.  Their service was impeccable and we know if we EVER need computer service again, My Wire Guy is our wire guy!


Placer – Rocklin                                  October, 2011

This is the guy if you need computer repair. In my line of work, I need to be online always and Mark always makes sure to expedite any need repairs. I would highly recommend him for any computer issues.


Scott – Penryn                                   July, 2011

Mike and his English colleague were brilliant at diagnosing the problems with my hard drives. They gave me excellent suggestions and I eventually bought another hard to find drive for them to salvage the parts and make my original drive work again!  I am very happy because it saved 1Tb worth of priceless irreplaceable information.

They are courteous, realistic in their expectations, do the work on time (even earlier than expected) and they are very reasonable on pricing.

I can’t recommend them highly enough and I will definitely be back for any of my Mac or PC related problems in the future.