Custom-Built PCs

Before you head out to a big electronics retailer for your next PC purchase, consider purchasing a new desktop or refurbished desktop or laptop built by Mark at My Wire Guy.

At a big electronics retailer, you’ll likely get sold on a Windows 8 PC that will be possibly outdated in a year or two (Windows 10 is just around the corner). Your PC will come brand new in the box with only the operating system installed. Expect to pay even more for malware and virus protection, AND expensive retailer warranties to keep your PC protected. The costs really add up!

Expect a much different experience when you come to My Wire Guy. You’ll be working with skilled technicians - NOT salespeople on commission - who will listen to your needs and will help you pick out a PC designed to last.

Our range of custom-built new and refurbished PCs include:

  • General Purpose. Your most basic PC needs: word processing, Internet browsing, and storage for photos, documents, and music. We can even install your favorite web browser and bookmark all your favorite sites. Great for students!
  • Gaming. We can build anything from an entry-level gaming machine to a high-end machine loaded with all the tech you could dream of.
  • Home Theater. Cut ties with your cable or satellite provider and stream your favorite shows and movies to your TV with a home theater computer setup. A great way to save money on cable!
  • Windows 7 Operating System still Available. If you’re not a fan of the Windows 8 OS, we can install Windows 7 for you.

We also include a one-year parts and labor warranty on any new PC we sell. Additionally, for a small fee, we can transfer data from your old computer including documents, photos, music, and videos.

Call us today at (916) 625-0141 or come into our Rocklin store to speak with Mark or one of our technicians about your custom-built PC needs.