The #1 Anti-Virus Protection - YOU

When it comes to keeping your PC safe from malicious software, viruses, malware, etc., the number one line of defense is YOU, the user. Even with the most up-to-date security software and settings in place, your PC can still become infected if you’re not cautious.

Here are a few My Wire Guy tips to help keep your PC and all the valuable data on it safe:

Keep Your Security…

Online Shopping Safety Tips

If you are one of the millions who choose the convenience of online shopping during this busy holiday season, there are a few precautions you'll need to take to protect and secure your identity, personal and financial data from cyber thieves.

Check for HTTPS

Not all web pages are equally secure. Before entering any personal or payment information, make sure to look up at your…

You Can Still Get a New Windows 7 PC from My Wire Guy

Not many people are fans of the new Windows 8 Operating System (My Wire Guy included). Many of our customers in the market for a new laptop or desktop PC are finding their only option for a device with a Windows Operating System is Windows 8 and are hesitant to purchase.

Are you in the same boat? Before you head out to a big electronics retailer for your next PC purchase, consider purchasing…

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