Tablets For College Students: Are They Right For You?


It's back to school time again, and if you're looking for a new PC you may be considering a tablet computer. Tablets have become a hot trend in the last couple of years, especially in the classroom. While tablets may not offer some of the advantages of a laptop (more power and storage, physical…

Is Your Webcam Spying on You?

Webcam Safety

The webcam has become a great tool to connect with friends and family on video chatting services like Skype, etc. However, if you use a webcam on your computer, your safety could be at risk by hackers accessing your webcam and using it against you. Just as a hacker can gain control of your PC, they can also take…

Why You Should Buy a Custom-Built Computer

Custom-Built PC

Looking to buy a new computer for yourself or someone else as a gift?

Why navigate the shopping crowds at large retailers, wait in long lines, and pay high prices when you don’t have to? Mark and his skilled technicians will listen to your PC needs and build you a computer you will love at a reasonable…

The Dangers of Social Networking

Social Media Icons

Almost anyone who accesses the Internet regularly is likely to have a social networking page like Facebook or Twitter of some kind. However, the popularity of these sites can attract cyber criminals who have the potential to steal your personal information, identity,…

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