What to Do If Your Email Has Been Hacked

A compromised or “hacked” email account simply means someone has figured out your password and accessed your account without your knowledge or permission. The hacker then uses your email to send out spam or malicious links to all of your contacts. Furthermore, hackers can access personal information from your email account and do extensive damage. Email hacking is unfortunately common, even to those…

Does My Computer Need A Tune Up?


Does is seem like your desktop or laptop computer is running much slower than when you first bought it? Are you frustrated or down-right fed up with programs taking longer to open, longer boot-up times, and programs often "freezing" or locking up? When was the last time you had your device tuned up? Regular maintenance…

Java Security Threat-What You Need to Know

We have received many calls from concerned customers over last week's Java security threat. Many media outlets suggested temporarily disabling Java completely form your PC to protect yourself from the threat. A lot of customers are thinking this means need to remove Java completely--you don't.  We would like to clarify how to protect your PC/laptop:

We don't recommend…

Making Your Life Simpler in 2013 with Keyboard Shortcuts


If keeping things simple is on your list for 2013, we've compiled some of the most basic keyboard shortcuts for Windows operating systems to help make your computing more efficient.

Print a copy and keep near your keyboard--you might be surprised at how quick and easy they are to learn,…

Microsoft Phone Call Scam-What You Need to Know

microsoft logo

My Wire Guy has been hearing from customers who say they have received calls from "Microsoft Tech Support" or "Windows Help Desk," and these callers want you to download software to fix a virus, allowing them access to your computer, as well as asking for your credit card number to pay for…

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