FBI Virus--Beware of This Scam

My Wire Guy has been seeing quite a few computers infected with a virus that’s being called the “FBI Virus” Or “FBI MoneyPak Scam”.

What the virus may look like :

FBI Virus

A screen pops up with an alert saying “Your Computer Has Been Locked” by the FBI because activity under your IP address…

What to Do With Your Computer-Related E-Waste


Do you have any old computers, keyboards, printers, etc. around the house, but you’re not sure how to dispose of them safely? The EPA estimates there are over 47 million computers at their “end of life,” but only 38% are recycled properly.

My Wire Guy, your complete computer solution, is proud to offer free…

Why You Need to Install DNS in Your Home

My Wire Guy is proud to be offering a new service installing Open DNS (Domain Name Server) in your home. Open DNS is a great tool to keep your family off of websites of your choosing--from known malicious software sites, to sites featuring “adult” content.

Benefits of Open DNS include:

  • Blocks connections to known malware/adware internet sites, keeping you safe even from…
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