Cut Your Cable Bill in Half! Introducing the Cable Cutter PC from My Wire Guy

Are you paying $100 or more a month for cable or satellite TV?

You’re paying way too much! Cable and satellite subscribers across the nation are tired of overpaying for hundreds of channels they never watch with too many commercials— so they’re cutting ties with their providers.

You too can save hundreds of dollars per year or more by taking advantage of the…

Buy Your Next PC at My Wire Guy

Before you head out to a big electronics retailer for your next computer purchase, consider a custom-built new or refurbished computer built by the knowledgeable technicians at My Wire Guy.

We are proud to offer new desktops and refurbished desktops and laptops from the most basic, general purpose machine to a top of the line gaming or home theater machine.

Let’s face it -…

All About My Wire Guy's Virus Protection Packages

“How do I prevent my PC from getting viruses?” is one of the most common question we get here at My Wire Guy. We are proud to offer three levels of virus protection.

My Wire Guy Virus Protection Package

The My Wire Guy Virus Protection package is a combination of two protection programs offering about an 80-85% success rate in preventing viruses. One…

Not a Fan of Windows 8?

If you’ve recently purchased a new PC, it’s likely your device came with the latest version of the operating system, Windows 8. This new operating system was designed with a touchscreen interface in mind, but the concept hasn’t been well perceived by users.

We’ve heard from many customers who say they don’t like the look and feel of the Metro interface, but had no option but to buy a…

Never Get a Virus Again!

Save $20 on Dual-Boot Installation

You don’t have to spend big money on an Apple computer just to stay virus-free. Consider this alternative: install a Linux Operating System on your current computer.

My Wire Guy is offering a new service setting up a Dual-Boot Installation of both Linux and Windows…

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