Upgrade your TV Watching Experience and Save Hundreds


Introducing the Home Theater PC from My Wire Guy

The way we watch TV is dramatically changing- don’t get left behind! Trade out your bulky cable box or satellite dish and the expensive bill that comes along with it, and upgrade to a sleek, powerful 4 inch PC unit.

Next Unit of Computing

Get rid of cable or satellite and take advantage of the high speed internet you’re already paying for. You can stream your favorite shows, sports, and music using this space-saving PC connected to your HD TV. Your programming options are endless on the Internet, and there is little to no commercial interruption. Many services are free of charge, or offer very low monthly subscription fees.

Where does the programming come from?

Cable and satellite companies can’t compete with the flexibility and options that exist on the Internet. Your FREE options include services like Crackle, Hulu and You Tube. Cable networks like ABC, CBS, ESPN, Disney and many more now stream the latest programs on their own websites at no cost.

For even more programming, you can subscribe to low-cost services like Netflix, Hulu Plus, or Amazon Prime, Acorn TV and others. Each of these subscriptions cost around $8/month or less, and most find they get plenty of options from just one of these services.

Don’t want to miss the latest local news or special events like the Super Bowl? You don’t have to! With an inexpensive indoor or outdoor digital antenna (outdoor antenna pictured below), you can receive basic cable channels for FREE over the air (no Internet connection needed).

Sports fans don’t have to miss out either—MLB, NBA, NHL, NFL fans and more can take advantage of season/yearly subscriptions (pricing varies) for a game-watching experience that cable companies just can’t offer.

Plus—you get all of benefits of a regular PC as our Home Theater PC comes loaded with Windows 7, so when you’re not watching your favorite shows, you can check email, shop online, play games, and much more!

Are you ready to cut ties with your cable or satellite provider?

Call My Wire Guy at (916) 625-0141 for details, or better, come into My Wire Guy for a demo and see how a Home Theater PC can help you save hundreds of dollars or more per year.

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